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Our purpose is to impact as many lives as possible, as much as possible ... one credit report, one home, one family, one generation, one business, one workshop ... ONE DREAM at a time. By providing consumers with the economic empowerment that they need including, but certainly not limited to, financial literacy and generational wealth education & resources, professional services (including credit restoration services, business establishment/growth services, business credit/funding services, creative real estate/home ownership services), and debt elimination tools and resources ... we can set them on a path to breaking the poverty curse.


Although our core services are based around credit, our Vision and our Mission is so much bigger than that!


Our goal is to reach the masses of consumers, from corner to corner of this country, and to help them make the mental shifts they need to make in order for them to even fathom that a life without poverty is possible - and for generations to come.


Our simple desire is to teach consumers (especially minority consumers) throughout the nation, how to escape poverty, increase their monthly/annual "disposable" income, grow their assets, retire wealthy, eliminate their debt, and just enjoy an overall "quality" of life until their time here on earth expires. 

Mental Shift. Education and Empowerment. Life-Changing Transformations. An exceptionally Great QUALITY of life.

That's it! That's what this is all about!


Our Core Values, here at DIY Credit, are Honesty, Integrity, Hope, Loyalty, and Love. We foster a community and culture of Unity, meaning that every and anyone in which we align ourselves with (from our internal team members to our extended Partners) also lives, eats, and breathes these same core values.

With these core characteristics and qualities in mind, we can create, nurture, and provide countless invaluable resources that communities across the country desperately need ... just because we genuinely "want" to, and not because of some hidden agenda or greedy ulterior motive.

Our team and associates all genuinely care. We will search the ends of the earth to find a way to help America's consumers, whether they're a paying client of ours or not. 

If this is the type of company you see yourself dealing with, then please ... continue exploring the programs/services applicable to you, and do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to meeting and speaking with you soon! 

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