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Founder, Chief Executive Officer

DIY Credit, the 2016 "Reborn BRAND" of Start Fresh Credit Report Assistants (which was originally established in 2008), was founded by Yusheeka Gray - former COO of AMB Credit Consultants (2014-2016, Dallas TX), and former Partner at Pretty Credit Consultants (2017-2019, Greenville, SC). Mrs. Gray has been a prestigious, and rather sought-out expert in the credit repair industry since 2006, starting her first formal business in this industry in 2008. Her expertise has been used to train, develop, and grow other businesses in this industry, since 2009 - some of them to six and seven figure annual revenues.


Due to Mrs. Gray's expertise over the years, tens of thousands of consumers all over the country have been able to purchase dream homes they never thought they could own, buy dream cars they never thought they could drive, secure dream jobs they never thought they could land, and even fund & grow dream businesses they only imagined that they would start.


Mrs. Gray is extremely "OCD'ish" about providing 5-Star customer care to each and every client, potential client, and student, who walks through (or calls into) her company's door. Additionally, as a Consumer and Business Advocate, her ultimate goal is to empower and transform as many lives as possible through Credit & Financial Literacy, Credit Rehab services, and Business Credit/Funding services as well. Therefore, you can rest assured, that here at DIY Credit, you ARE in GREAT hands! Please don't hesitate to contact us to see if or how we can help you as well!

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Executive Assistant/Administrator, Est. 2017

Ms. Shirley (Tuesday) Oronan (est. 3/2017), has been an extremely integral part of the growth and success of DIY Credit Repair since early 2017. Her Administrative background, Project Management experience, Graphic Design, and Communication skills, amongst other things, have put her in charge of multiple departments, projects, and responsibilities at this company. Ms. "Tuesday", as we call her, is responsible for a number of things, but most notably, for managing the affairs & day-to-day schedule of our Founder, as well as other duties including (but not limited to) Human Resources, Client Onboarding, Billing Management, General Scheduling, overseeing the smooth operation of certain departments, and other administrative tasks/duties as applicable.

She enjoys watching the transformation of our clients' journeys, and ultimately, her goal here is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all stake holders alike (especially our clients, professional partners, and team, just to name a few).


In her spare time, Ms. Tuesday enjoys spending time with her family, mountain climbing & other outdoor activities, as well as reading. She implores anyone thinking about improving their credit, buying a home, or starting a business, to just take a chance on DIY Credit, like many of our other Program Graduates have, and she assures you that it will be a choice/investment that you will NEVER regret or forget. 

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Dispute Resolutions Manager, Est. 2017

Mrs. Jackson (originally est. 1/2017 & re-est. 2/2018) is our Senior Dispute Resolutions Manager. She received direct training from our Founder, Mrs. Gray, and also worked at both companies that Mrs. Gray was a former Executive at. In addition to that, she has attended continuing education Bootcamps abroad, and thereby furthering her skill in this field, even more-so. 

Her expertise in Dispute Resolution, and her passion for helping others, has resulted in countless inaccurate/derogatory items - including but not limited to Bankruptcies, charge-offs, collections, medical bills, late payments, repossessions, student loans, and more - being removed from consumers' credit reports, as well as countless credit score improvements, which in essence, has been responsible for countless consumers, all across the country, reaching their goals. 

Additionally, Mrs. Jackson is responsible for training new Dispute Resolution team members and overseeing this department all together. She's very good at what she does and invites you to check out some of the Credit Repair Dispute Results that she and her team has generated for our clients, so that you can "taste" and see for yourself, what our team is capable of accomplishing for YOU.

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Our 5-Star Concierge-Style Support Team

The rest of our team consists of a number of friendly faces in the Sales & Support, Dispute Resolutions, Mailroom, Home Ownership, and Business Credit/Funding Departments. They all work extremely hard with one unified goal in mind - and that's to get results. 

If you're thinking about credit repair, home ownership, starting a business, business funding, or business credit ... then you're in the right place! Our 5-Star Staff can help you reach your goals. Just contact us to learn how. 

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