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DIY Training Terms of Service

I understand that I am purchasing a digital "Do-It-Yourself" video training course from DIY Credit Repair LLC. I understand my purchase grants me access to: (1) a membership site containing several video training modules and letter templates; (2) "course discussions"; (3) general "email" support.

Each of the said services listed above, whether collectively OR individually, shall comprise of and define the term "Services Rendered" and thus, my fee shall be deemed collectible and my credit card will be billed/charged accordingly.

I understand that I have 3 days to change my mind in exchange for a full no-obligation refund so long as I have not downloaded any of the digital training materials included or completed any of the course "modules" or module "sections". Additionally, I have 60 calendar days to obtain a full "Double-Refund" should I demonstrate that I have implemented the practical training and did not receive any results.

DIY Credit Repair LLC makes no guarantees of specific results, time frames, or other warranties aside from the warranties expressly written within this disclosure. No oral agreement or other agreement shall override this Agreement unless received in writing from an authorized company representative.

I, the undersigned, fully understand that I may not replicate, sell, distribute, plagiarize, authorize, give away, or even share ANY material (videos, downloads, or any other content), or access to ANY such material or content within the DIY Credit Repair Training course, whether in full or in part, without the express written permission of an authorized DIY Credit Repair LLC executive representative.

By completing or submitting an enrollment application form, or by accessing the training course, whether legitimately or illegitimately, you further hereby acknowledge that you are legally bound to these Terms of Service and Company Policies. Any breach of these terms will result in legal prosecution.


Furthermore, upon submission of my enrollment application and billing form, I authorize DIY Credit Repair LLC to charge the credit/debit card or checking account provided the one-time and/or subsequent automatic recurring payments, as scheduled, and in accordance with the course plan that I have selected on my enrollment application.

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