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Our credit repair company was founded by Yusheeka Gray - former COO of a well-known, fast growing credit repair company based in the state of Texas. Mrs. Gray has been a prestigious expert in the credit repair industry for more than 8 years. Her expertise has been used to develop effective dispute letter templates, operational procedures, and advanced strategic guidelines for multiple companies in the credit repair industry - but namely for, her previous employer. In fact, her expertise has facilitated in the growth of this company from only 2 employees to 23 employees and from $100,000 per year in revenue to more than $1,000,000 per year in revenue.

Yes, due to the expertise implemented by Mrs. Yusheeka Gray, thousands of consumers all over the country are happy and satisfied with their improved credit. In addition to providing a 5-Star credit repair service, Mrs. Gray has also developed a product that not only repairs consumers' credit for them, but that also teaches and empowers consumers to repair their own credit if they wish to do so. As a consumer advocate, her ultimate goal is to transform as many lives as possible by means of credit education, services, and financial competency in general.

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